The Artworks

It seemed like a simple idea at the time, to create a series of Artworks showcasing Australia that could be printed onto cards and other products. And so The Original Pastel Collection began. Australian Wildflowers were the first choice. Using Artist Quality Art Spectrum Colourfix as a background I chose colours that would enhance the design. More often than not, this turned out to be blue, which is my favourite colour to work on whatever the subject. Keeping control of the pastel dust can be a challenge, and my preference is to work with the surface in an upright position so that the dust falls away easily. There were a combination of brands of pastels used, including pastel pencils, and a shield for erasing some edges cleanly. The works were never intended to be botanical representations, or even "completed" paintings. I was aiming for a design that showed a striking contrast of colour and detail where possible. I would like to say thank you to Peter Layton of the Great Outdoors Publications for his advice and encouragement during the planning period of this business. I would also like to thank Brian Walters of the Australian Native Plant Society (Australia) for giving me permission to use one of his photographs, which although not included in this first series, will be at some future time. I included some of the State Floral Emblems in the first print run of the collection and more will be added at a future date. Also of course, the Golden Wattle,(Acacia pycnantha Benth) the National Floral Emblem of Australia was included.

When I decided to add birds to the collection, I created a set of three. The original paintings are quite small - only approximately 15x15cm.

Beaches always bring happy memories of holidays, summer and family in Australia. As they are some of the most popular subjects that I paint I also decided to include a set of Beach paintings on a larger 5" x 7" card. 

More of my artwork can be seen at on Gallery247 and Facebook.

And Last but not least, thank you to Bette at Wide Bay Gallery Maryborough for being my very first customer. The complete range of my cards are available at the gallery. 

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