About Us

To create a range of products that are uniquely Australian and promote our beautiful country seemed to be the next step in my art journey. All of the components of my card packs are sourced in Australia. 

A love of family, this country and nature inspire me to capture people, places and our natural surroundings in art form. Experienced in the use of Oils, Pastel, graphite, pen, coloured pencils and acrylics, my early works were commissions of historic buildings and other rural scenes. I now paint and draw a wide range of subjects.

 I would like to think that these cards will encourage people to send handwritten messages to their loved ones, family and friends, both here and overseas. I'm sure that most people love to receive a letter in the mail that shows that someone cares enough to take the time to send it. I have letters and cards from my mother and Grandparents that I treasure. They also would be a suitable souvenir for travellers. Easy to pack for the trip home. 

And now, after many, many months of planning, producing artworks, photographing, and creating designs we have launched Art Desk Ink.

Alison Murphy